Driving school

Driving school for Afghan women at risk of closure under Taliban rule

A new driving school for women in Afghanistan is at risk of closing due to Taliban control restricting rights.

With the help of UN Women, Nilab Durrani established the first women’s driving school about a year ago to support the many women who wanted to learn to drive but were banned by their family members from driving. go to a driving school with male teachers.

Durrani, 23, said she had not yet received any guarantees that her school would not be affected and feared the new rulings would force it to close.

“Since the collapse of the previous government, we have not registered any new student so far, and no one has contacted us for registration,” Durrani said.

“Previously admitted students call us and ask if they can join their classes, but the only problem for them is that they are worried about their safety. They say that if they come to the (driving center), someone one can disturb them or interrogate them.

The 23-year-old currently has two employees and intended to expand the service to other cities.

Durrani temporarily closed her school and said she hoped international organizations could convince the Taliban to let her and other businesswomen continue to work.

“I wanted to resume the activities of my center because it is my only source of income. I contacted the officials of the new government and they told me that if you want to go out to work, we do not guarantee your safety, because our government is not well established. she said.