Driving instructors

Driving lessons are back on the road

GEORGE TOWN: Hoping to become a delivery driver soon, Joern Teo is happy that he can now return to driving school for training.

The 18-year-old is keen to get his license soon, having seen his plans disrupted by the lockdown earlier.

“As I had not planned to continue my studies, the reopening of driving schools is a relief for me and my parents because I want to become a delivery driver soon.

“I finished a few hours of practice and wanted to take the exam but my plans were disrupted by the lockdown.

“Having been fully vaccinated and with driving schools now allowed to reopen, I can continue my practice and hope to be able to take the exam soon,” he said when contacted.

At a driving school here in Batu Uban, there were less than 50 students returning for their driving practice and lessons.

Its director Uu Ban Lee, who is also the secretary of the Confederation of Driving School Associations/Institutes Malaysia, said they are experiencing low attendance as many students, aged between 16 and 18, have no not yet fully vaccinated.

“Many teenagers cannot go back to school because they have not yet received the two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine. Less than 50 students came back out of the 800 registered here.

“It will take another month or two before we start to see the numbers go up,” he added.

At a driving school in Simpang Ampat on the mainland, principal See Sing Mei said out of 200 enrolled students, only two fully vaccinated students were able to return to class.

“But even so, it’s the students who have to retake their exams, not those who are new to the courses,” she said.

On September 7, Transport Minister Datuk Dr. Wee Ka Siong announced that all driving institutes nationwide will be allowed to operate from September 9 by appointment.

He said the operation must be carried out in accordance with National Security Council guidelines.

He said that although driving institutes were allowed to operate from September 9, the examination process for obtaining driving licenses would not start until September 17.