Driving lesson

“Driving lesson” in mind at La.Meko Intl. Short film festival

TEHRAN – Iranian drama “Driving Lesson” won the main prize at the La.Meko International Short Film Festival in Germany.

Directed by Marzieh Riahi, the film tells the story of Bahareh, a young woman who, according to Iranian law, must be accompanied by a man among her relatives during driving lessons so that she and her instructor are not alone.

Produced at the Documentary and Experimental Film Center, the film has been screened at dozens of international festivals around the world.

The film won the Barran Award for Best Fiction Film at the Karama Yemen Human Rights Film Festival.

It was also named Best Short Film at the 21st Through Women’s Eyes International Film Festival (TWE) in Sarasota, Florida in the United States.

The La.Meko International Short Film Festival, held annually in the city of Landau, announced the winners last week.

The award for best international film went to “Marisol” by Zoe Salicrup Junco of the United States. The film is about a young, undocumented mother who finds herself in a risky situation to make her own life and that of her daughter.

Austrian director Albert Meisl’s “Swing of the Mind” was selected as best German-speaking film, while “Milkmen” by Aljoscha Ramon Bohnert and Michelle Burakowski from Germany won the award for best animation.

Rolf Kreutz’s “Extremadura” was named Best Documentary and Max von Gropper’s “Real Free Feeling” was chosen as Best Regional Film.

Photo: “Driving Lessons” by Iranian director Marzieh Riahi.