Driving lesson

Driving lesson canceled: apprentice drivers banned from exercising in their own vehicle

An update to the DVSA guidelines now says learner drivers cannot practice driving in their own vehicles unless they have a valid excuse to be on the roads. Learners can practice in England, Wales and Scotland, but this should only be done with members of your household or supportive bubble.

However, the RED driving school said it recognizes the gravity of the situation and accepts that classes be temporarily suspended.

Driving school CEO Ian McIntosh urged drivers not to focus on e-learning tools as a substitute for reality.

Addressed exclusively to Express.co.uk, he said: “In normal times RED places great importance on students who practice in their own vehicles alongside their parents or a responsible adult.

“The DVSA has now banned this activity due to the non-essential nature of the trip.

“While we realize this will disappoint learners, we recognize the gravity of the situation and accept that driving lessons and accompanying activities are temporarily suspended to help fight the virus.

“At RED, we understand the desire to maintain driving skills during containment. To this end, we have provided all RED customers with an innovative online training tool called RED’s Road Brain Trainer.

“This includes 27 e-learning modules and is proven to increase a learner’s chances of passing their driving test by 14%.

“All RED learners can access this tool for free, which helps them master their driving technique from home.

“We are delighted to be able to help learners develop their confidence and skills, even under these extraordinary circumstances. “

Other driving schools have confirmed the news on their social media in a desperate attempt to prevent their students from being caught off guard by the new rule.

The DLA driving school said: “Although we remain confined, we remind you that we are not able to give driving lessons.

“We would also like to inform you that the government has also banned private practice.”

Think Driving School said the new changes would be a “huge disappointment” for many learner drivers across the country.

The DVSA has confirmed that the practical and theoretical tests as well as the driving lessons will be suspended from January 5.

They confirmed that candidates would be contacted with further information about their tests as soon as possible.

The DVSA said it will update the drivers as soon as the government makes further announcements.