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Driving Instructors in Iowa, Teachers Challenge Bill That Would Allow Parents to Teach Teens to Drive | Government-and-politics

“We can adapt. We can make amendments. But to get rid of it all together, I think it’s just crazy, ”he said.

Goulden said that while students who fail a math or science test can often catch it later, teens who learn to drive “only have one chance to learn it well.”

“While driving you might not get that (second) chance because it could be death,” he said if there is a mistake on the road.

Students in Goulden’s six to nine week course learn in a “slow and deliberate manner” with the ability to correct mistakes as they go, he said. This includes 30 hours of classroom instruction, six hours of driving observation, and six hours of driving with an instructor.

“That way when you study the book you can go out and do it,” he said.

Todd Ferry is a retired police officer who now owns Cruising with Cops, a private driver training academy in Sioux City with himself and six other instructors, all of whom are current or former police officers.

Ferry said he was “shocked that this (legislation) was even brought up”, and said “driver education taught by parents is not driver education”.

Ferry said parents can teach children about bad driving practices. In his lessons, he can talk about what students have learned from their parents after a driving block. Turning the steering wheel with the palm of your hand and crossing a stop sign are examples of bad habits children can learn from parents, Ferry said.