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Driving instructor reveals exact moment learner fails test with simple error in dash cam footage

A DRIVING instructor has shared the moment a learner driver failed his driving test with a small mistake.

A video of the dash cam footage showing the failure was posted on Tiktok by user TheYoungInstructor.


A driving instructor must intervene in the test of his studentsCredit: Tiktok/@theyounginstructor

The learner driver can be seen driving along a dual carriageway with TheYoungInstructor, who was not the examiner for this test, giving a voiceover on what the student has been instructed to do.

He said: “On this dual carriageway the student was told to follow the signs to the hospital.

“And as you can see at the top of your screen, he has to get into the left lane.

“He does change lanes and notices there’s traffic joining.”

Everything seems to be going well for the learner driver, but what happens next turns out to be where everything is horribly wrong.

He said: “In this situation, all he had to do was ease off the throttle a bit, but he decides to try to change lanes and the examiner has to pull on the steering wheel to hold it to the side. left.”

The examiner had to intervene because the learner driver forgot to do something very important.

He said: “The examiner had to because the student didn’t check his mirrors before changing lanes and as you can see that truck was overtaking.

He points to the truck in the video, which is going faster than the learner driver in the right lane.

TheYoungInstructor goes on to say, “If the examiner wasn’t there in that situation, the truck would most likely have gone straight into the back of them causing a very serious accident.”

Some of the post’s commenters don’t think the learner should have tried to change lanes.

One of them said: shouldn’t the car on the slip road adjust its speed, and it’s a crossroads and he should give way. »

A common reason learner drivers fail their driving test is lack of observation, especially at a junction.

This may be the learner approaching a junction too quickly or not paying attention to other drivers on the road.

The learner driver did not check all his surroundings before attempting to change lanes


The learner driver did not check all his surroundings before attempting to change lanesCredit: Tiktok/@theyounginstructor