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Driver’s nightmare as hunter spider appears on windshield inside car while driving

A woman was spooked when a huge spider appeared in the dark and appeared on the windshield as she was driving.

Nathan Jennings from Melbourne Australia got the shock of his life when a hunter spider appeared right in front of his girlfriend, Millie, who was driving behind the wheels.

In Nathan’s video, the creepy-crawly, which is one of the largest species of spiders on Earth, appeared during their short trip to a nearby chicken shop.

It hides in the upper corner of the driver’s side windshield and when Nathan zooms in, its jaws can be seen catching the light.

Millie was spooked when a huge hunter spider appeared on the windscreen in front of her as she drove

“No,” warns Millie. “It will jump out at you Nathan.”

Nathan, 24, said: “We actually noticed a spider in the car a few months before it happened, but we could never find where it was going.

“So this spider lived in this car. It finally made its way to the front seat at the worst time.”

Luckily, the spider didn’t fall on Millie or any of her passengers, it just crawled up and down the windshield.

“The trip to the chicken shop only took about six minutes,” he added. “I jumped out of the car as soon as we parked and kept my distance.

The creepy creeper had been hiding in Millie's car for months and only recently emerged from obscurity
The creepy creeper had been hiding in Millie’s car for months and only recently emerged from obscurity

“My friend, Keith, had to remove the spider.

“Honestly, spiders in Australia are pretty common, but I haven’t seen one this big and this close lurking in our car!”

Huntsman spiders are found throughout Australia.

And although they are venomous, packing a bite that can be painful to humans, they are not generally considered dangerous.

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