Driving school

Dramatic crash scene video sheds light on driving laws across Nevada

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Intense dash cam video of a local woman shows the moments leading up to an alleged impaired driving accident in Henderson.

8 News Now asked a road safety expert why the driver was still on the road despite a past arrest.

Police say Chase Skenandore was driving the vehicle involved in the crash. Scarlett Thompson was the scene witness who filmed the dramatic video.

“I feel like someone who behaves that way has a story,” Thompson said.

Skenandor has a previous conviction for reckless driving and received a plea deal in which he would be required to attend a DUI school and should avoid being arrested for another DUI in the future.

Sandy Heverly of the Stop DUI organization commented on Skenandor’s plea deal.

“I guess we have to obey the law and no, I don’t like the fact that they are being reduced,” she said.

“There are times when they’ve been pulled over for drunk driving and for whatever reason the blood alcohol level hasn’t come back to the level they were hoping for or there are a number of technicalities that could take place, and then the case is reduced to reckless driving,” she added.

Heverly usually says that as a result of a DUI, a license is suspended, and despite this, many still drive.

“It’s not going to stop someone, if they’ve decided to drive, they’re going to find a vehicle,” Heverly said.

8 News Now also looked at another crash that happened in North Las Vegas on Saturday, January 29.

In that case, police say Gary Robinson caused the accident and had already made several trips to jail.

He was previously arrested on charges of open container and driving with a suspended license.

Heverly says a DUI typically leads to a driver’s license suspension for about 90 days.