Driving certificate

Does having an advanced driver’s certificate make you a better driver?

Janine Van der Post, editor-in-chief of Wheels24, at a track launch of the Porsche Panamera in Slovakia a few years ago.

There are several ways you can be considered a good driver.

Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher are excellent drivers on the track, while someone who obeys the rules of the road is also a good driver, but in different ways.

What it implies

There are a number of institutions, including car manufacturers, across the country that offer advanced driving courses. The main purpose of advanced driving is simply to teach the driver how to operate his vehicle safely in emergency situations.

Testing is done in safe and controlled environments and can cost anywhere from R 2,500 to R 6,000 depending on who you choose to go with. The AMG Driving Academy, for example, offers different courses, and it starts from R3500 for a special student, R3 650 for an AMG Skid Experience and up to R12 300 for a professional training course.

Have you taken an advanced driving course? How did you find it and has it been useful in day-to-day driving? Send us an email.

The first thing you think of when you hear the word “advanced driving” is zooming in on a track in a sports car, provided by the Academy of Automobile Manufacturers, but unfortunately that’s not always the case.

You have to use your own car for the duration of the tests and you learn some pretty basic things – things that should become second nature as a driver, especially on the roads of South Africa where the accident rate is low. raised. Or, for a higher premium, some companies like Mercedes-Benz AMG or Porsche offer their premium vehicles for the course.

Some people do this to get possible discounts on their insurance premiums or because a Wikideal has appeared at an insanely low price, and they happen to make great gifts for oil lovers. But most do it to improve their driving skills.

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You are taught the basics of driving behind the wheel, such as making sure your seat and steering positions are correct, and also how to control the car in less favorable conditions.

Is it worth getting it?

It’s always good to have an extra certificate, but with all things considered, you can learn these techniques for free the longer you drive.

Defensive driving the K53 is like a precursor to what advanced driving is, minus all of the various checking maneuvers you need to perform.

It offers peace of mind on the road and the skills to help you know what to do in real-life situations such as a hijacking or potential collisions.

Most people think that they don’t need a certificate to assess their driving quality, but for people who are not exposed to such driving conditions, it can be useful.

Janine Van der Post from Wheels24 Says, “When you are starting out as an automotive journalist, taking so many driving lessons is mandatory and also helps you prepare to drive high performance vehicles on launches or test vehicles. Some training is pretty basic, but the skills taught are invaluable. Like properly holding a steering wheel with your thumbs on the outside of your grip. Or how to read the road ahead. With other courses you learn the race lines, the peaks and when and when not to brake.

“These are skills that will accompany you and that you will use daily, until the end of your years of driving. It is definitely worth the investment as it helps you be more aware on the road and your surroundings. You also learn how to think for the next person on the road, and how to avoid potential situations. ”

If you are interested in a course, here are a few options to consider:

Cape Town Driving School – 082 063 5011

Advanced Driving 4 Africa – 060 648 9213

MasterDrive086 110 0618

Volkswagen Advanced Driving082 848 0208

Driving trainer084 580 2220

AMG Driving Academy