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Difference in fees for medical education taking students abroad : The Tribune India

Sukhmeet Bhasin and Parveen Arora
Tribune press service
Bathinda/Karnal, February 25

The main reason why Indian students opt for medical education in Ukraine is that the fees there are almost a third of what is charged by private medical colleges here.

Costs half the price

MBBS course fees are around Rs 30 lakh in Ukraine, while it ranges from Rs60 lakh to Rs80 lakh in private institutes in Haryana. — Viresh Kumar Jain, resident of Haryana

Dr Raj Bahadur, Vice Chancellor (VC), Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Faridkot, said, “Fees in private medical schools here are Rs 6 lakh per year, but colleges charge around Rs 8- 9 lakh per year. The case is pending before a court. Also, this fee does not include accommodation and food costs, so the total MBBS course cost per student is around Rs 50 lakh at private colleges here.

Dr. Raj Bahadur said, “Students go to Ukraine for the MBBS course because the fees there are lower than those charged by private colleges here. It is also easy for them to get admission in any institute. In India, admissions are through the NEET merit list. In Ukraine, a student only has to qualify as NEET.

Dr Dheeraj Sharma from Tapa Mandi, whose son is stranded in Ukraine, said: “There is a big difference in the fees. In Ukraine, it is less than a third of what we are charged under various pretexts by colleges here. There, the fee is Rs 3-4 lakh per year. Moreover, there is a wide variation in the fees charged by the different private medical schools in our country.

Ria, a fifth-year MBBS student who recently returned home to Karnal, said, “If a student is to gain admission to any medical college or government run university here, he/she must get a good ranking . If the student fails to do so, he is admitted to a private institute where the tuition fees are very high. Before exploring the option of Ukraine, my family had inquired with private institutes. Tuition fees ranged from Rs 12 lakh to Rs 20 lakh per year, while in Ukraine, full course fees are between Rs 25 and 30 lakh.

Viresh Kumar Jain, father of Bhavya Jain who is in the first year of the MBBS course in Ukraine, said a degree from there is globally accepted. “MBBS course fees are around Rs 30 lakh in Ukraine, while it ranges from Rs 60 lakh to Rs 80 lakh in private institutes in Haryana.”

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