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Cody Cortes jailed for dangerous driving, assaulting police and dog in Qld crime spree

A man’s crime spree came to a dramatic end when he was cornered by a police dog. Now the violent act of the man during his arrest has been revealed in court.

A young man’s two-week crime spree ended in a dramatic confrontation where he bruised a police officer before kicking and punching a dog, a court heard.

Before being cornered by the canine squad, Cody Cortes spent weeks breaking into people’s homes, stealing and endangering motorists with his reckless driving.

The incidents were so risky that police had to end their pursuit, with the 23-year-old on one occasion shining a spotlight directly into the eyes of his pursuer.

Dressed in a striped collar shirt and jeans on Friday, Cortes pleaded guilty in Brisbane District Court to a series of charges, including dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, burglary and assault. serious fact.

The court was told Cortes first came to the attention of police after a disturbance in Nanango, rural Queensland, on March 4, 2021.

Officers chased him as he drove up to 120 km/h and on the wrong side of the road before Cortes shone a rear spotlight into the eyes of the pursuing officers.

“Passengers who were in the car at the time asked the accused to stop,” Crown Prosecutor Erin Kelly said.

Four days later, he asked a friend to drive him to the hospital to “pick up needles”.

While alone in the car, Cortes drove off with the man’s wallet and phone.

A day later, he stole two motorcycles, worth $16,000, from a man’s house. Both bikes were uninsured and were not found.

Ms Kelly said the ‘most serious’ dangerous chase took place between Cortes and police on March 14 when he reached speeds of up to 144km/h.

The court was told he had crossed unbroken white lines and that other drivers had to take evasive action.

On March 18, while meeting a friend on a forest track, Cortes drove off while police were present, hitting his friend’s car and a police station.

Ms Kelly said Cortes was arrested a day later after breaking into a house in Dalby, stealing clothes and car keys to “disguise himself”.

“He was followed by a police dog and was extremely violent when arrested,” she said.

While in custody, Cortes punched and kicked the arresting officer and the police dog.

The officer suffered minor bruises and abrasions, but Cortes had to be hospitalized for bites from the police dog.

The court heard that the young man had a long-standing drug addiction.

Defense attorney Phil Hardcastle said his client was introduced to drugs when he was 15 while on hunting or fishing trips with older colleagues.

“He got into trouble again in 2020 when his best friend was killed in a car crash,” Mr Hardcastle said.

“Unfortunately, it went down quickly.”

Cortes, who spent more than a year in pretrial detention, had taken narcotics counseling and was taking numeracy and literacy classes to earn his 10th grade certificate, the court heard.

Mr Hardcastle said Cortes planned to live with his mother after his release.

Judge Gregory Lyndham imposed a primary sentence of three years in prison, ordering it cumulative on a previous suspended sentence Cortes had received.

The time he spent in pre-sentence custody was counted as time served on the conditional sentence.

Cortes will be eligible for parole in July.

Originally published as Man violently goes after cop, police dog as two-week reckless ride ends