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Center Grove students invent device to prevent distracted driving

The six students have worked all year to design the “Auto Focus” and are in the running to win a national competition.

GREENWOOD, Indiana — April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. According to a survey by Advocates for Highway Safety and Selective Insurance, 70% of people admitted to using a mobile device while driving for personal reasons in the past 90 days.

A group of six Center Grove High School students take matters into their own hands, develop a new device to help stop distracted driving, and they ask for help from the community.

“We had a student who died in a car accident, and that inspired the project,” said teacher Andrea Teevan.

It might not sound like much, but their invention could make driving much safer. All you have to do is mount it in your car.

“We were just a regular group of girls, nothing special, and we were able to come together to create something that everyone can use,” senior Shelby Walker said. “No one thinks they can make such a big difference until they do.”

When connected to an app, the invention is called “Auto Focus”. It follows your eyes and rings if drivers seem distracted.

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Teevan helped the girls build the project all year. From designing the Auto Focus to printing it with a 3D printer, the girls impressed their teacher.

“Seeing the STEM girls take the lead on this project and keep pushing each other, we’re still pushing each other on this project,” Teevan said.

The teens submitted a video with help from Teevan to Samsung’s “Solve for Tomorrow” contest. They have already earned $50,000 for their school. At the end of April, they fly to New York to try to win $100,000 nationally.

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Additionally, the community can vote for Center Grove High School to win an additional $10,000 through the Community Choice Award.

You can vote for the band by watching their video at https://www.samsung.com/us/solvefortomorrow/. Look for the video titled “Center Grove High School, IN #SamsungSolveCGHS”.

It is illegal for Hoosiers to hold their phones for any reason while driving in Indiana.