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Censinet Advances Cyber ​​Risk Management in Healthcare with Real-Time Portfolio Risk Management and Peer Benchmarking

First and only built-in capabilities deliver unique actionable insights to optimize and prioritize cybersecurity and risk programs, investments and resources

Using Censinet adds significant value to our cybersecurity and risk management programs. Censinet’s new capabilities will provide additional insight into our organization’s overall cybersecurity program. »

— Erik Decker, Information Security Manager at Intermountain Health

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, September 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Censinetthe leading provider of healthcare risk management solutions, today announced Censinet RiskOps™ 5.0, a significant new release of its flagship cloud-based risk exchange that enables seamless and secure sharing of cybersecurity and risk data across a collaborative network of healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) and providers third parties and their products and services. Specifically designed for healthcare, Censinet RiskOps 5.0 introduces several new innovations that help protect patient safety, data and healthcare operations from cyber threats and deadly attacks, including portfolio risk management, risk assessments enterprise with NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) support and peer benchmarking.

Effective cybersecurity and risk management decision-making requires a real-time, contextual view of the business, including its assets, processes, investments, resources, threats, and their potential impact. By understanding context and business impact, risk management teams can quickly and efficiently locate, prioritize and remediate risks while management has the right data at the right time to inform optimal risk decisions. investment and resources.

Censinet’s new portfolio risk management capabilities provide this real-time context so risk professionals can manage risk at all organizational levels (system, region, enterprise), business processes and assets, including supply chain, purchasing, clinical care, technology, operations, biomed, third parties, medical devices, research, data exchange and institutional review boards (IRBs). Additionally, Censinet prioritizes these activities throughout the portfolio lifecycle to take the next best action to reduce risk.

“Censinet RiskOps 5.0 sets a new bar for third-party and enterprise risk management in healthcare,” said Ed Gaudet, CEO and Founder of Censinet. “These new capabilities were designed in partnership with leading global healthcare organizations and represent a fundamental shift in how healthcare organizations handle cybersecurity and risk management.

Censinet RiskOps 5.0 also supports new healthcare-specific peer benchmarking capabilities: Organizational, NIST CSF, and HHS 405d Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices (HICP). These benchmarks give HDOs a real-time understanding of their own organization’s security performance, coverage, and compliance, and make it easy to see how those metrics stack up against those of their peers.

Organizational benchmarking provides insight into how investments, resources, and your overall cybersecurity program stack up against HDO peers in the following areas:

● Investments in information technology and cybersecurity
● Cybersecurity program coverage
● Cybersecurity Program Ownership
● Cybersecurity resources
● Cyber ​​insurance

“Leveraging Censinet adds significant value to our overall cybersecurity and risk management programs,” said Erik Decker, director of information security at Intermountain Health. “Censinet’s portfolio risk management and peer benchmarking capabilities will provide additional insight into our organization’s cybersecurity investments, resources and overall program and help us identify processes, resources and investment opportunities.”

Additional features included in Censinet RiskOps 5.0:

● NIST CSF Assessment 1.1 – streamlines and automates an enterprise risk assessment for HDOs using NIST CSF. Censinet RiskOps 5.0 provides easy-to-use functionality to manage compliance with NIST CSF 1.1 and compare coverage with other peer HDOs. With out-of-the-box support for all 5 NIST CSF functions, 23 categories, and 108 subcategories, Censinet combines evidence collection, automated action plan generation, and tracking of mitigation and correction driven by its specially designed workflows, its powerful roll-reporting and new benchmarking dashboards.

● Portfolio Prioritization – allows organizations to categorize risk levels in their portfolio based on attributes such as process or asset type, importance, and business impact. Portfolio prioritization accelerates assessment completion time and increases overall efficiency by driving workflow automation based on predefined criteria such as assessment type and scope, reassessment schedules , results and corrections.

● Censinet Cybersecurity Data Room™ – provides third-party vendors with a highly secure, HIPAA-compliant environment to manage security and risk assessments for all of their products and services. Censinet’s Cybersecurity Data Room enables vendors to securely manage and share data with their healthcare customers. With Censinet’s 1-Click Assessment™ capability, suppliers have full control to instantly share requested data and documentation, avoiding a lengthy assessment process that often slows sales or renewals. HDOs gain instant access to a longitudinal record of risk on over 30,000 suppliers and products with the most up-to-date safety data, documentation and evidence.

“Organizations today face a multitude of risks from a variety of sources, and these risks will trigger more risks as they reverberate throughout the organization, often with significant consequences,” according to a Forrester report co-authored by Renee Murphy, principal analyst at Forrester. “It becomes critical for risk professionals to assess these risks individually by domain (information security, privacy, business continuity, etc.) and collectively as interconnected risks to contextualize their importance to the business. “1

¹”The State of Enterprise Risk Management, 2022”, Forrester, May 10, 2022


Censinet RiskOps 5.0 is available now. Join Censinet to learn more about how peer benchmarking and portfolio risk management can help protect patient safety and healthcare operations www.censinet.com/riskops-demo-request/ or learn more about www.censinet.com.

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