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Buena Park Police video shows man attacking wife while driving school bus – Orange County Register

A 60-year-old man was relentless in a September afternoon attack in Buena Park when he shot his wife while she was driving a school bus with a child inside, then unsuccessful attempt to get away from the police, video footage released by the police department shows.

A patrol officer was at a stoplight on Orangethorpe and Western Avenues on September 3 when a dash camera captured the suspect’s SUV colliding with the school bus, then maneuvering in front of the bus to block it.

The suspect comes out with a handgun and the policeman activates his lights and siren as the suspect loads the bus and fires at least one shot, as the driver backs up the bus, the video shows.

The suspect, identified as Cedric Baxter of Compton, then returns to his SUV and chases the bus, hitting it multiple times as it is followed by police, shows a dashcam video.

After his wife escapes by turning right onto a residential street, Baxter leads the officers in a short, high-speed chase.

“For the next few minutes, Mr. Baxter led Buena Park police officers in a high-speed city-wide chase, operating the vehicle in a perilous and perilous manner,” said Sgt. Chad Weaver, a spokesperson for the department, said in an accompanying video.

The chase then passed through the school district’s bus maintenance yard before returning to the street.

“Sir. Baxter continued to drive recklessly by accelerating, driving on sidewalks and executing stop signs,” Weaver explained. “Sometimes he drove the wrong way.”

He returns to the Buena Park Unified School District bus station and crashes into a parked SUV, the video shows, posted this week.

At least one officer fires as Baxter exits the SUV with a handgun, shows body camera footage, and Baxter, who ends up on the ground, then points his gun at the police. At least one officer shoots him; He died at the scene.

Neither the bus driver nor the 6-year-old boy were injured, authorities said.

Authorities have identified Cedric Baxter, 60, of Compton as the man seen shooting a school bus and then pursued by police in Buena Park before being shot and killed by officers on Friday September 3. (Photo courtesy of the Buena Park Police Department)

Investigators would find Baxter’s wife had a restraining order against him over an allegation of a previous domestic violence incident, Weaver said. Baxter had also cut off a GPS monitoring device, which he had to wear due to his sex offender status, Weaver said.

It is still unclear what motivated Baxter’s actions. The Buena Park Police Department’s investigation into the shooting will likely continue for another year, officials said.