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Basingstoke driving instructors come together to help fellow instructors

Basingstoke INDIVIDUAL Driving Instructors have come together to help a colleague pay his bills while he is unable to work after suffering a stroke.

The fundraising page was created by Basingstoke driving instructor Scott and aims to raise funds for fellow instructor Mark Hughes.

The goal is to help stop the “stress” and “worry” of paying bills while recovering.

Scott said: “We all know how difficult the self-employment has been over the past 18 months and we can understand how tough it will be for Mark being a single man.

“Ultimately it will cause her more stress worrying about how to pay her bills.

“Let’s do our part and help take some of this stress out and do what we can to get it back on its feet faster. ”

Sally Blanc, who worked as a driving instructor in the Basingstoke area for about 17 years, said Mark, who also teaches students at Basingstoke, brought all of the instructors together by creating a community Facebook page.

She said: “There are about 50 driving instructors in Basingstoke, and we have grown into a lovely community supporting each other up to an instructor called Mark Hughes.

“He created a private Facebook group several years ago to bring us all together.

“He has organized social evenings and is always ready to help anyone.

“During the lockdown, he ran Zoom quizzes for all of us. ”

Sally said being a driving instructor means “you don’t really have coworkers unless you work with a company.”

She added, “Mark is the one who created an online community so we could all get to know each other.

“He’s always had a few hangouts at pubs and things and we all know each other a lot better now.”

Mark also suffered a stroke a few years ago and the driving school instructors in Basingstoke were quick to help him.

Sally added, “As a group, we all raised money to help him pay his bills while he was not working.

“When we did that a few years ago we all put in the equivalent of a driving lesson, which is around £ 30 each.”

Sally said Mark was “really touched” by their efforts.

She added: “The next time he saw us he would take us out for coffee and he would make sure he paid for it.”

“I think this time it’s more severe.

He’s going to be inactive for a lot longer, so we were hoping to try to reach some of his former students as well.

For more information and to help Mark visit: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-mark-hughes-road-to-recovery.