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Australians want recreational drivers to have their own driving license

At a well-known Gold Coast beach, a ute was discovered submerged in water, prompting calls for Australia institute a 4×4 permit.

A commercial vehicle is seen in photos posted to social media over the weekend parked near the Miami Headland early Sunday morning.

A ute ran aground in Miami on Sunday.  Picture: Facebook

It is unclear how the ute ended up in the surf, the automobile was still laden with tools and even had ladders attached to the top.

On social media, locals discussed the strange discovery.

On Sunday, a ute ran aground in Miami. Picture from Facebook

Nathan Barber wrote: “You can’t park there, extremely shellfish.”

Another nearby resident asked if there was anyone “camping” inside, but was told there was no one inside.

Others, meanwhile, speculated that the ute could have been stolen and thrown away.

Does anyone know the street it was taken from? Poor person’s work truck,” wrote Ben Doyle Real Estate.

The discovery baffled the residents of the neighborhood. Image by Mark Wilson. Before they are completely destroyed, can their tools be recovered? writes Steve Costanzo.

Queensland Police confirmed they learned of the incident from a spokeswoman.

At approximately 4:20 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 4, “Police were notified of a car in the water off Miami Beach, Gold Coast,” they told NewsWire.

“Officers arrived to find the vehicle had been abandoned.”

The discovery comes as 4×4 drivers in Australia apply for new licenses due to a rise in the number of men getting stuck in their equipped vehicles on outdoor adventures.

Since vehicles with no ‘skill level’ are trapped on beaches, grasslands and muddy wilderness, tow truck drivers have done a lot to rescue Australians ‘with all the gear and no idea’.

Many people don’t know how to drive these vehicles safely on surfaces other than tarmac, which can cause them to jam or break down hundreds of miles away from help.

According to Pat Callinan, licenses should be in place to ensure drivers receive safety-based training before traveling into uncharted territory.

He says large vehicles and motorcyclists require special permits, and he urges people to get 4x4s because off-road terrain has distinct characteristics from on-road situations.

Many unskilled drivers who buy expensive 4x4s and other vehicles with sophisticated equipment find themselves stranded on beaches and other terrain.

To reinforce security and regulations, 4×4 enthusiasts demand that the leisure activity be subject to a license.

On his blog, Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures, he says, “Training and education are vital for technical components.

Currently, a single license category includes vehicles like the Kia Piccanto, the 79-series LandCruiser, and the Porsche 911. They use fairly broad brushstrokes. To ensure drivers can operate vehicles safely in all conditions, he suggests Australia introduces an off-road 4×4 licence.

This can successfully ensure that any budding off-road driver has a working understanding of off-road vehicle dynamics and, ideally, a healthy respect for the environment in which they are driving.

Permits, Callinan said, would also give 4×4 owners a voice as they would let the government know how many people are engaging in off-road driving.

Rescuing Australian men “with all the gear and no ideas” has brought the tow truck drivers a fortune.

Many people who have chosen to spend their weekends driving their new 4×4 on the beach, in the desert or in the grasslands generally lack the knowledge of how to drive safely on these surfaces before their car breaks down. failure or remains blocked.

Laws are changed to benefit motorcyclists because they are numerous, responsible and can therefore influence policy. Due to strict licensing, gun owners have a voice, he claimed.

“At least in New South Wales, recreational anglers are benefiting from infrastructure development and support for non-commercial fishing. Why? Permit. Numbers. Responsibility.

The only thing 4X4 owners and off-road enthusiasts may need to stand up and be counted is a license.

He claimed that because the Australian Bureau of Statistics does not distinguish between private, on-road and off-road oriented cars, there could be up to 2 million 4×4 enthusiasts missing out on the policy changes.

A tour group has been slammed for driving their top-of-the-range Maserati onto a well-known beach only to get them stuck in sand dunes.

Breaking down or getting stuck while driving in unfamiliar terrain can be an “expensive exercise,” according to Adventure 4WD’s David Wilson, but driver training can reduce the likelihood of this happening.

The call came as a Queensland firm recorded 11 mud car rescues over the long Easter holiday.

As international borders were blocked due to the coronavirus outbreak, James Stewart, director of Driving Solutions, told Daily Mail Australia that more drivers had bought expensive off-road vehicles to come and explore Australia.

He claimed that because more people were traveling through Australia, it was easier to see how many automobiles were stuck.

Due to the improved compatibility of cars with off-road terrain, drivers would feel more comfortable and overly confident. Conditions eventually catch up with people.

Then they [drivers] call us often and lament that they took the course.

The 4×4 course offered by Stewart’s company teaches Australians safer off-road driving techniques.

Stewart says his company’s goal is to contact new 4×4 drivers before they make their “first mistake”.

Over the Easter long weekend, on beaches north of Noosa and along Fraser Island, 11 automobiles were rescued from stranded situations, according to Queensland towing company Clayton’s Towing. (One of the blocked vehicles is pictured)

He said, “Four-wheel driving is the most dangerous type of driving.” Tracks are a living organism that constantly changes due to the weather.

It is crucial to understand the capabilities of the driver and the vehicle.

According to Andrew Boyd of the Toyota Land Cruiser Club of Australia, many Australians buy 4x4s without receiving adequate instructions from dealers on how to drive them safely.

They pull them out of the showrooms, the buyers. Boyd claimed, “Dealers wouldn’t tell these people what buttons to press.”

They then take them to the beaches, where they get into all sorts of trouble.

Boyd recalled a time when, in his twenties, he had recently bought a new 4×4 and driven it to a beach for the first time.

Soon after, he got stuck in the sand. Fortunately, a passing vehicle came to Boyd’s aid and explained that his low tire pressure was the cause of his situation.

“A car pulled up next to me and asked, ‘Did you drop your tires? “”Boyd described it.

My brother advised me to join this club when I arrived home. It taught me how to operate these cars, he continued.

James Stewart, director of Driving Solutions, says many inexperienced drivers are using newly purchased 4×4 vehicles for the first time in unfamiliar terrain.

After the pandemic, David Wilson of Adventure 4WD recognized that there were more drivers on the road than ever before leading to an increase in accidents.

According to him, there has been a significant increase in the desire of Australians to travel the country, and many have bought new or used vehicles to do so.

Driving in unfamiliar terrain can be an “expensive exercise,” according to Wilson, who added that training drivers can reduce the likelihood of a breakdown occurring.

First-time travelers can consult a variety of sources that provide advice on how to use and manage vehicles. That’s good, and so is the experience gained through a hands-on training program like the one we offer at Adventure 4WD.

Where to find 4×4 training

Before going off the beaten track, Australians are advised to take a 4×4 course.

4×4 fundamentals, including knowledge of the 4×4 system, buttons, maintenance, troubleshooting, determining the best routes and traversing different types of terrain are all covered in the courses.

South Australia, New

Eastern Creek, 1-Day 4×4 Driver Training by Driving Solutions, $305

The two-day Eleanora Heights 4WD training course from Great Divide Tours is $690.

Off Road Skills from Getabout Training Services, available at multiple locations, one-day course, $425

Yagoona and Willowglen 4WD Training – 1 evening and 2 day session – membership cost, Toyota Land Cruiser Club of Australia (varies)


Offroad Fraser Island – Sunshine Coast – full day course – $995 Australian Offroad Academy

Australia’s Bribie Island 4×4 Day Sand Course has no name.

4WD Adventures’ one-day introductory 4WD training in Morayfield is $230.

The one-day Brisbane Hinterland Off-Road Introductory Course in Brisbane costs $300.

Driven Training Recreational 4×4 Day Course in Yatala information


Canberra 4WD Training Services – Unknown – Inquire


Mountain Top Experience 4WD Training, a two-day course in Rawson, costs $340.

The two-day Safetrek Basic 4WD course in Melbourne costs $370.


Tasmanian Offroad Adventures’ Launceston “Sand and Bush” day course is $250.

The two-day 4WD Tasmania Basic 4WD course in southern Tasmania costs $220 per person.

southern australia

Adventure 4WD 1-Day Introductory Training Course in Lyndoch, $485

Pindan Tours offers a variety of 4×4 courses in the Flinders Ranges; to inform

South West Australia

Pinjar’s one-day Western Wilderness Bush & Sand course is $365.

$275 Eureka 4WD One-Day 4×4 Introductory Course in Bellevue

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