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AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aspira Women’s Health Inc. (“Aspira”), a women’s health bioanalytical company focused on gynecological diseases, today announced the publication of a study on the use of its multivariate index test, MIA2G (OVERA®), in the detection of ovarian cancer in Filipino women in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

The document, titled:Clinical Performance of a Multivariate Index Test in Detecting Early-Stage Ovarian Cancer in Filipino Womenhighlights the first prospective study evaluating the clinical performance and overall utility of the MIA2G Ovarian Cancer Risk Assessment (OVERA) in a non-white population. In the study, researchers prospectively compared various diagnostic methods, including ultrasound/IOTA (International Rules for Ovarian Tumor Analysis), CA-125 biomarker, and OVERA, evaluating them for their ability to detect ovarian cancer. The results were correlated with the surgical results.

The data showed that MIA2G (OVERA) had the best overall performance in detecting ovarian cancer with a sensitivity of 91.7% regardless of menopausal status compared to CA-125 with a sensitivity of 76 .7%. Notably, MIA2G (OVERA) was found to be more sensitive in detecting disease at an early stage for this population. MIA2G (OVERA) demonstrated 92.4% early-stage sensitivity compared to CA-125 at 74.3%. The study also showed that MIA2G (OVERA) had the best overall performance of all individual classifiers, including in some of the hardest-to-detect cancer cohorts, such as premenopausal women and early-stage disease.

The study concluded that the incorporation of MIA2G (OVERA) rather than CA-125 in the clinical assessment would increase the detection of ovarian cancers at an early stage, regardless of menopausal status.

“The data was remarkable and adds to the growing body of evidence supporting the benefit of the MIA2G (OVERA) test over the CA-125 test in the initial clinical evaluation of the patient for detecting ovarian cancer at her early stages,” said Dr. Charles Dunton, Medical Director. Officer of Aspira Women’s Health. “Early detection of ovarian cancer is crucial to improving overall survival rates. More than 65% of ovarian cancers are detected at a late stage, which has such a high mortality rate. Clearly, we need to do a better job of detecting ovarian cancer earlier in all women, and this study indicates that OVERA can significantly improve the efficiency of clinical assessment in Filipino women with masses adnexal.

Nicole Sandford, President and CEO of Aspira, added, “This large study is the first of its kind and is very exciting. This confirms our belief that OVERA in conjunction with clinical assessment works very well in the assessment of early stage ovarian cancer risk regardless of menopausal status and should become the standard of care for all women. We are strongly committed to health equity and will continue to be a driving force behind research like this landmark study.

About the OVA Product Suite (OVA1plus®including OVA1® and OVERA®)
Ova1 is a blood test to help further assess the likelihood of malignancy in women with an ovarian adnexal mass for which surgery is planned. OVERA is a second-generation biomarker panel intended to maintain the high sensitivity of OVA1 while improving its specificity. OVA1plus is a reflex test performed for OVA1 test results that are in the middle range.

About Aspira Women’s Health Inc.
Aspira Women’s Health Inc.SM transforms women’s health through the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative testing options and bio-analytical solutions that help physicians assess risk, optimize patient care and improve outcomes gynecological health for women. Aspira Women’s Health is particularly focused on closing the ethnic disparity gap in ovarian cancer risk assessment and developing solutions for pelvic diseases such as pelvic mass risk assessment and l endometriosis. OVA1plus® combines our FDA approved products, OVA1® and OVERA®, to detect the risk of ovarian malignancy in women with adnexal masses. Aspira GenetiXMT offers targeted and comprehensive genetic testing options with a gynecological focus. With over 10 years of expertise in ovarian cancer risk assessment, Aspira Women’s Health strives to provide a portfolio of pelvic mass products throughout a patient’s lifetime through our research peak. The next generation of products in development includes OVAWatchMT and EndoCheckMT. To improve patient accessibility, Aspira Women’s Health recently launched our Aspira SynergySM technology transfer platform to enable health systems, academics, regional labs and physician group labs to perform in-house genetic and specialty testing. Visit our website for more information at www.aspirawh.com.

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