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Age in Spain launches a “Guide to driving in Spain”

Age in Spain has launched a ‘Guide to Driving in Spain’ after conducting a survey of older Britons in Spain.

The guide launched on August 2 was specially designed to take into account the results of a survey they conducted online which showed that more than 42% of those who responded had not yet obtained a driving license Spanish.

Despite the huge effort of the authorities, this newspaper and the British consulate, more than 60% of them said that there was a lack of clarity and confusion about what was needed to be able to exchange a license.

This means that this group of people can no longer drive in Spain, not until an agreement is reached between the UK and Spanish governments or they take the test locally.

But even when it comes to taking the test locally, there is confusion amongst this group who fear having to take the test in Spanish, with driving schools offering English lessons and the theory test available in English.

The “Guide to Driving in Spain” is a comprehensive introduction to driving in Spain and is available free online.

This all covers bringing your car to Spain, what you need to do to be able to register it locally and how to keep it running.

Detailed guidance is also provided on how to take the test, including required medical examinations, booking the test, theory and using a driving school.

It also covers what happens if you break the law, how the point system works, and when and when to pay a fine.

There’s a section on what to do if you break the law – and how the penalty point system in Spain differs from that in the UK.

You can download the guide at https://www.ageinspain.org/post/driving-in-spain-a-guide

To make the guide more practical, it includes case studies and stories from people who have gone through the process. There’s also advice from a former British driving instructor.

Marijke Cazemier, age administrator in Spain and designer of the survey, said: “Our guide to driving in Spain will be extremely useful to anyone who has yet to acquire a Spanish driving license and also to many who have done and want to make sure they comply with the regulations to drive here.

“The poll was conducted anonymously on social media platforms used by English-speaking nationals living in Spain, including the Age in Spain website and Facebook page, and gave us insight into what deterred people to exchange their license when it was possible. , or apply for the test.

Fiona Hulme, a volunteer from Denia, said: “This guide is vital for everyone – visitors and people coming to live in Spain. There are important differences in Spanish driving rules, such as how to enter and exit a roundabout – which we all need to know to drive legally and safely in Spain.

Even if you have exchanged your license for a Spanish one and are driving legally, it is recommended that you download and read the “Guide to driving in Spain” as it contains a lot of useful and useful information.

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