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Adelaide driving instructor pleads not guilty to sexual assault

An Adelaide driving instructor has pleaded not guilty to sexual assault against at least five of his students.

The court heard that Kenneth Campbell, 64, used his ‘position of power’ to allegedly assault several of his students over a period of seven years.

Campbell pleaded not guilty to 11 charges of aggravated indecent assault between 2013 and 2020.

The prosecution told the court Mr Campbell allegedly touched at least five women on the upper thighs, breasts or genitals during driving lessons.

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Two of Campbell’s alleged victims who were in high school at the time of the alleged assaults were the first to contact police.

Mr Campbell was arrested shortly after the two teenagers reported his behavior to the police.

Three other women came forward following news of Mr Campbell’s arrest, alleging similar alleged assaults.

The court heard that Mr Campbell’s alleged assaults were ‘opportunistic’ and that he often touched his victims to congratulate them after pulling off a driving maneuver.

Mr Campbell continued to deny the allegations against him, saying any contact with the girls was ‘accidental’.

Further evidence is expected to be presented in the coming days.

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