Driving school

A Victoria driving school instructor will face three counts of alleged sexual assault


Steve Wallace, owner of the Steve Wallace Driving School and former mayor of Quesnel, has been charged with three counts of sexual assault based on recommendations from VicPD.

One count dates from 2011 and two others from 2021 – Wallace has 30 days to appeal.

The fallout comes after an Instagram account, Wallace Driving School Victims, began sharing stories of alleged sexual assaults by Wallace against women and girls, some as young as 16.

The group amassed nearly 2,000 followers and effectively became a safe space for alleged victims of sexual assault by Wallace. So far, there are a total of 15 alleged victim stories.

In the meantime, Wallace has a court date — recognizance documents show a tentative court date has been set for November 25, 2021 — and following those
charges, ICBC permanently suspended Wallace’s teaching license.

“Over the past several weeks, ICBC has taken direct statements from individuals who have made allegations of unconscionable conduct, including sexual harassment, against Mr. Wallace,” ICBC said in a statement.

“Following the findings of the ICBC investigation, we have made the decision to permanently revoke Wallace’s driving instructor license.”

Not only that, but Wallace’s signatures with the Times Colonist have also been removed.

Aiko Oye, an alleged victim of Wallace, said she feels grateful now that charges are recommended by VicPD and a court date is pending.

“It’s really amazing to see something being done about it, I’m grateful because I know it’s not always the outcome,” Oye said.

“I hope the charges will stand, and if this goes to court, I hope it will empower the victims of similar cases and let them know they never have to remain silent.”