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A Driving Instructor Shares Seven Common Reasons Learners Fail Their Tests

Leading driving instructor Ian Fido has identified some of the areas learners are graded in – and explained the best way to lose the L-plates and get your certificate of achievement

Driving tests are always full of anxiety, but there are ways to help manage the pressure

A leading driving instructor has outlined the top reasons why some learners fail – and told would-be drivers exactly how to give themselves the best chance of success.

Most Britons will get it wrong on their first practical test, according to the DVSA.

While the test pass rate is 46.4% in the UK, on ​​average adults will take the test 2.1 times before passing the test. According to the data, 12% will need more than three attempts.

Ian Fido, Training Manager at RED Driving School, revealed the common mistakes people make when looking to lose their L-plates.

Delays due to Covid have put pressure on learners to take their tests as soon as possible, he said.

If your test is coming up, there are ways to increase your chances of passing


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But he told The Sun the biggest mistake is booking you in when you’re simply not ready.

According to him, another regular mistake comes in the form of failing to pass a practical test before undertaking the real test.

Two other issues he raises occur at an early stage once inside the vehicle.

Ian says too many people still don’t check their mirrors when under pressure – while others fail to move safely.

Not knowing the rules of the road is also problematic and he believes that many are unsure of the real meaning of certain road signs.

Too many people don’t practice before – and some still don’t use their mirrors


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An essential part of riding is being aware of your surroundings and the various hazards – something the training manager says is often overlooked.

His final piece of advice is simple – always ask your instructor what will happen on D-Day, as being prepared will ease the mind and allow the learner to relax.

But the main problem is rushing and failing will only hurt your confidence.

He explained: ‘With the delays in being able to book a driving test, there is increasing pressure on learners to get it right the first time.

Seven common mistakes:

  • Book a test when you’re not ready
  • Forgetting to check your mirrors
  • Not taking a practice test first
  • Not knowing the traffic signs
  • Not being prepared
  • Not leaving safely
  • Not knowing your surroundings

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