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$450,000 McNulty Prize awarded to leaders who provide bold solutions to end hunger, thirst and poverty | New

New York, NY, July 18 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The McNulty Foundation and the Aspen Institute today announced the three winners of the 2022 John P. McNulty Award, who will each receive $150,000 for their organization. Their transformative social enterprises are working to end malnutrition around the world, sparking a movement of guaranteed income programs in the United States and harnessing renewable technologies to bring clean water to communities, even in the most remote places. backwards.

Since 2008, the McNulty Award has identified leaders and companies with innovative models of change and put them on the fast track to increased recognition and support. “The McNulty Award elevates world leaders who have answered the call to address the injustices of our time,” said McNulty Foundation President Anne Welsh McNulty. “Each of these breakthrough solutions represents a powerful model for ensuring the essentials of a dignified life. : food, water and basic funds.”

“These courageous individuals and their organizations present three responses to the dramatic global disruptions to our human rights,” said McNulty Award juror Brizio Biondi-Morra. “In times of war, pandemic, racism, poverty, and social injustice, these companies alleviate despair with new and innovative models that empower human agency.”

Learn more about the winners:


Navyn Salem founded Edesia after witnessing the fatal effects of child malnutrition in his father’s homeland of Tanzania. To date, Edesia’s specialized therapeutic foods have treated 17 million malnourished children in 60 countries. Their foods are distributed in partnership with USAID, the World Food Program, UNICEF, and local nonprofits to children on the front lines of war, natural disasters, and other emergencies.

Edesia works to increase the resilience and sustainability of the global emergency food system by stimulating research, innovation and providing technical assistance to others, and advocates for nutrition to be high on the political agenda American and global. They are doubling their production capacity to cope with the growing disruption caused by the conflict in Ukraine, climate change and other crises. “We don’t have time to think,” Salem said, “we need to act right now to end malnutrition.” Learn more here.


Dr. Aisha Nyandoro started the Magnolia Mother’s Trust cash transfer program to break the cycle of poverty in Jackson, Mississippi. Magnolia Mother’s Trust replaces an adversarial welfare system with one that trusts mothers to do what’s best for their families. The program offers black mothers living in federally subsidized housing $1,000 a month for a total of one year, with no strings attached, and a college savings account for their children.

“When we invest in our most vulnerable,” Nyandoro said, “that’s when society flourishes.” This one-year cash injection allows families to achieve longer-term stability: mothers have increased their ability to pay all bills on time (from 27% to 83%), families benefiting from insurance sickness increased by 25% and families with emergency savings increased from 40% to 88%. The model has inspired more than 100 similar programs across the country, and its evidence has shaped practical and popular policies like the US Child Tax Credit. Learn more here.


Materials scientist Dr. Cody Friesen founded SOURCE Global, whose innovative hydroelectric panels use the sun to turn water vapor in the air into high-quality drinking water, even in remote, low-humidity locations . A public utility company, SOURCE has brought clean water to more than 450 projects in 50 countries, focusing on indigenous communities and others that have been historically neglected. “Through technology, communities around the world can reclaim water access and security,” Friesen said.

SOURCE’s impact goes beyond water, enabling women and girls to go to school or work instead of commuting to fetch water, and employing members of the local community to install and maintain the signs. Savings are generated by an alternative to bottled water, and health improves with a reliable and safe source of water. In 2021 alone, SOURCE water has offset over 3.6 million plastic water bottles. Learn more here.

Tune in to a live stream of this year’s winners sharing their game-changing solutions at the Resnick Aspen Action Forum in Aspen, CO on July 27.

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