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Basingstoke driving instructors come together to help fellow instructors

Basingstoke INDIVIDUAL Driving Instructors have come together to help a colleague pay his bills while he is unable to work after suffering a stroke. The fundraising page was created by Basingstoke driving instructor Scott and aims to raise funds for fellow instructor Mark Hughes. The goal is to help stop the “stress” and “worry” of […]

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Supervised driving school instructor dies of heart attack

Victoria Driving School owner and instructor Steve Wallace has died of a heart attack. Wallace’s wife Joan confirmed his death in an email Friday morning. “With a heavy heart I share with you that my devoted 48-year-old husband Steve Wallace passed away at Royal Jubilee Hospital after suffering a heart attack,” she wrote, asking for […]

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Groupe Transforce finalizes the acquisition of a truck driving school in the United States | State

ALEXANDRIE, Virginia, 23 November 2021 / PRNewswire / – TransForce Group, a leader in the transportation and logistics industry, purchased the US Truck Driving School (USTDS) in the United States in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado. The sale has been finalized October 18, 2021. TransForce Group is majority owned by a subsidiary of Palladium Equity […]

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California Truck Driving School Sees Nearly 20% Annual Enrollment Growth

INGLEWOOD – One recent afternoon, Tina Singh watched nearly a dozen students at a suburban Los Angeles truck driving school back up their training vehicles into parking lots. Many had never used a manual transmission before. “It’s an exciting time to be a truck driver right now because there is so much demand for drivers,” […]

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Buena Park Police video shows man attacking wife while driving school bus – Orange County Register

A 60-year-old man was relentless in a September afternoon attack in Buena Park when he shot his wife while she was driving a school bus with a child inside, then unsuccessful attempt to get away from the police, video footage released by the police department shows. A patrol officer was at a stoplight on Orangethorpe […]

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“Driving lesson” in mind at La.Meko Intl. Short film festival

TEHRAN – Iranian drama “Driving Lesson” won the main prize at the La.Meko International Short Film Festival in Germany. Directed by Marzieh Riahi, the film tells the story of Bahareh, a young woman who, according to Iranian law, must be accompanied by a man among her relatives during driving lessons so that she and her […]

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Upcoming Truck Driving School at SCC Laurel Campus; Driving Christmas Light Show at Camp Feltner 4-H | Local news

A new event receives funding from the London Tourism Commission for a Christmas celebration as a new truck driving program arrives at Somerset Community College’s Laurel campus. Paula Thompson, executive director of the London-Laurel Economic Development Authority, spoke about a new program for truck drivers through Somerset Community College. “Existing businesses continue to grow and […]

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High demand for driving school instructors: expert reveals how to qualify

THE UK is experiencing a shortage of driving instructors alongside truck drivers and prison guards. The Confederation of Recruitment and Employment (REC) says driving instructors are one of the most in-demand roles, due to a backlog of tests, Bill Plant driving school shared his top tips to start : Tom Hixon, Instructor Support Manager at […]

Driving instructors

One of the greatest driving instructors of all time, Bob Bondurant, has passed away

Today we remember motorsport legend Bob Bondurant, who passed away at the age of 88. Whether it’s winning races on the international stage or coaching some of the greatest drivers in history, Bob Bondurant’s impact on motorsport and the automotive world is immeasurable. It was Bondurant who brought Carol Shelby’s Dayton to a category victory […]

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San Andreas – Definitive Edition

Grand Theft Auto San AndreasThe driving school is located in the Doherty area of ​​San Fierro, a few blocks from CJ’s garage. There are 12 different driving lessons available there, all of which will need to be completed at least up to a Bronze Medal in order to unlock the Wang Cars Asset Missions a […]