Driving lesson

Brake! 2 in 3 Americans say giving a driving lesson is much scarier than learning to drive

NEW YORK – If your own experience learning to drive a car was terrifying, you might not want to teach someone else. A new survey reveals that the average driving lesson will consist of five shouts to “brake!” by the instructor, four attempts to grab the steering wheel and six attempts to press a non-existent […]

Driving instructors

London driving instructors denounce petition calling for learner drivers to pass without exam

A petition has been widely discussed in recent days regarding learners and their driving tests. The petition aims to get a government debate on whether driving instructors should have a mandate to pass learners who cannot take the tests due to the current lockdown. He says how “unfair” the situation is for learners who have […]

Driving certificate

Does having an advanced driver’s certificate make you a better driver?

Janine Van der Post, editor-in-chief of Wheels24, at a track launch of the Porsche Panamera in Slovakia a few years ago. There are several ways you can be considered a good driver. Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher are excellent drivers on the track, while someone who obeys the rules of the road is also a […]

Driving instructors

The petition to allow driving school instructors to pass students collects nearly 20,000 signatures

“It requires more accidents! Petition to allow driving instructors to pass students unable to book test during Covid wins 27,000 signatures – but critics say it will put ‘dangerous’ drivers on the road Petition to allow UK driving instructors to pass students has 27,000 signatures Critics say campaign would increase number of ‘dangerous’ drivers Others […]

Driving instructors

Lockdown crisis hits Derbyshire driving instructors struggling to claim money

Driving instructors in Derby and Derbyshire are struggling to cope as problems getting government money have left them without a safety net. Since level 4, driving instructors have not been able to work with regulations preventing them from having students in their cars. Help is available, but several instructors have struggled to get the money […]

Driving instructors

AA Driving Instructors Suffer “Anxiety And In Debt” Over Deductible Payments During Coronavirus

Driving instructors working with AA driving school franchises threaten to cancel pre-authorized debits at the company after insisting they should defer payments and use government income support while it there is no prospect of work. Some instructors say they will end up with “no money” because they do not qualify for state aid. Under the […]

Driving lesson

Driving lesson canceled: apprentice drivers banned from exercising in their own vehicle

An update to the DVSA guidelines now says learner drivers cannot practice driving in their own vehicles unless they have a valid excuse to be on the roads. Learners can practice in England, Wales and Scotland, but this should only be done with members of your household or supportive bubble. However, the RED driving school […]

Driving instructors

Driving instructors in Holland said it was legal to offer driving lessons

Driving instructors in Holland have said it’s legal to offer lessons in exchange for sex. picture: satisfaction Driving instructors in Holland say it’s legal to offer lessons in exchange for sex, as long as the student is 18 The Dutch government, during a parliamentary session, was asked a question by Gert-Jan Segers, for the Christian […]