Where to get a cheap mortgage loan

Today we will see where to get a cheap mortgageloan, with the sole purpose of getting the money that we need to buy our home and therefore have a place to live.


Of course, we must be clear that the best conditions are always going to get when applying for a mortgage for first home, as mortgages for second homes tend to have worse conditions .

Having said that, we have to know that when it comes to getting the best possible conditions in the mortgage, the link with the bank will help us a lot. And is that the greater the linkage, the lower the interest rate will be imposed, hence to get a competitive interest almost always have to hire the maximum bond. What’s more, in order to enjoy the best mortgages of the moment, one or several payrolls worth 2,000 or 3,000 euros must be domiciled, which shows that the best ones are only aimed at the strongest family economies .

On the other hand, when looking for the cheapest mortgage in the market, there is nothing like making a good comparison between them, to find the one that best suits our needs. For this, we have to be clear that the amount of money you need to buy our new house. Of course, we must be clear that mortgages today will only offer up to 80% of the value of the home, so the rest of the money we will have to look for another means of financing . This is because the bank guarantees that a small part is advanced by us.

In turn, the link will not only make us payroll, but also ask us to hire other linked products in order to get better conditions. And is that the fewer linked products we hire, the greater the interest. This way, we will normally have to contract a credit card, which we will have to spend, we will also have to contract several insurances, such as life and / or home, sometimes we will have to direct receipts and hire pension plans among others .

Finally, with this data, we have to compare through the internet, since this is the best way to always find the most economical option.

Are there really interest-free loans?

In these times when it has become more and more popular to borrow fast, easy and convenient online.

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There is nothing to say that, of course, we also want to get the absolute cheapest loan, and over the past few years, It actually turned out to be cheaper and cheaper to borrow through the network rather than go to the bank – which is most likely due to the huge competition you currently find among the various providers of loans online.

We, as consumers, also have become better at finding and seeking the best offers – only far few of us find the first and best provider on the web, and submit our applications. Instead, we have learned to research, obtain offers and make sure that the offers we receive can actually respond in the long run – and that is why perhaps so many loan providers today struggle to reach the top in the loan industry .

For example, if you are looking for cheap loans online, you will find an extensive selection, and there are almost no limits on how much you can borrow and what. A clear advantage of borrowing on the net is that the loan provider only in very rare cases enters and interferes with what you want to use the loan and the money on. With an online loan, unlike a regular bank loan, you can be sure that you get the ultimate freedom to use your loan at exactly what you are missing.

While there are many benefits to borrowing online, of course you always have to be critical and make sure you compare the different providers. Here it is also essential at all times that you remember that the loan companies are living on borrowing you money, and therefore you must never believe that a loan is one hundred percent free. Unfortunately, there are many companies who falsely advertise that the first loans are free and so on and so on, but here in the vast majority of cases, just talk about scams to entice more visitors into their pages.

Having said that, there is still plenty of opportunity to find lots of good online loan offers if you do yourself the service and thoroughly research the market. Despite the fact that it will never be possible to find a loan that is one hundred percent free, there are many companies that offer low-cost, non-interest- bearing loans , where you only pay for the cost of setting up the loan. For example, if you are looking for cheap loans without interest, you can expect to get lots of search results with reputable and cheap loan providers.

It is a great decision to borrow online and we therefore recommend that you always carefully consider whether you really need to borrow the money now and then. Also, use the smart calculators to find out how much you are going to pay off on the loan each month.

Wedding Credit – Cash Loan

This is perfectly understandable given the fact that this day requires not just the little funds we need to have.

How to Distribute Money for an Ideal Wedding

If you are one of the people who are undoubtedly well versed in the distribution of your budget, then this celebration may not be a serious resistance to you. Otherwise, however, it is necessary to carefully and carefully consider each upcoming investment so that everything looks the way you imagined without going beyond your capabilities.

First of all, as already mentioned, it is imperative to stock up enough free time to serve as long lists and rough accounts that will eventually undergo some changes. Many of the couples in the process of organizing have to drastically reduce the number of guests, dramatically cut the decoration or deprive themselves of video capture due to a lack of finances.

Why Trust Credit?

  • We are a state-of-the-art non-banking institution offering microcredit of 100 to 2000 leva;
  • We need only an ID card;
  • We offer you the fastest approval to date on the market;
  • The company has 70 offices located all over Bulgaria.

None of you have ever heard of a wedding lease, but everyone is well versed in the recent popular credit . They will allow you to turn that day into a celebration you’ve dreamed of all your life without having to make any adjustments. It sounds great, is not it?

There are a number of reasons for you to trust . The company offers you alliances, backed by a solid dose of honesty, speed and loyalty, which we can hardly find today. We also offer you approval within 6 minutes. Once you have finished, you can get the desired amount. We do not need extracts from accounts, notes from employers or guarantors. We will assist your wedding only against providing an ID card.

If you have carefully considered your capabilities, do not hesitate to take advantage of our suggestions. We offer you the wedding of your dreams – the kind you have imagined for a lifetime without encountering annoying trouble taking your sleep.


How to negotiate a mortgage loan

Negotiating a mortgage loan can be a three-phase process.

Phase 3: negotiate based on your needs

The first would be the collection of information, the second the approach of objectives and the third, the actual negotiation with the bank.

Phase 1: gather information

There are dozens of banks in Spain and these, in turn, offer different mortgage loans with different conditions. The offer of the mortgage market is very wide and if you consider hiring a mortgage or improving the conditions of the one you already have, you can find a wide range of options at your disposal, but what should you pay attention to when informing you?

  • The interest rates The interest cost of our loan is the most important concept that we must take into account. Remember that the interest and, therefore, the fee you will pay each month, depends both on the -in case of having a variable-rate mortgage- and on the differential applied by our bank. The usual thing is to find the interest rate expressed as follows: + 1%. In addition, each bank specifies the price of its mortgage through both the TIN – Nominal Interest Rate – and the APR – Annual Equivalent Rate -. They are two ways to express the price of the mortgage although to compare between entities you should look at the APR, since it includes the different commissions and other costs associated with the mortgage.
  • Commissions. All banking entities charge commissions associated with the mortgage loan, but not all of them charge the same. The most common are:
    • Opening This commission is accrued at the time of beginning the mortgage loan for the formalities and formalization of the loan funds.
    • Novation A mortgage novation means modifying the conditions of the mortgage loan that we already have contracted and involves certain administrative procedures and associated costs.
    • Creditor subrogation . This management requires administrative procedures that always bring costs as well as the collection of a commission that some banks apply.
    • Of total or partial amortization . When it is decided to pay part or all of the outstanding principal of the mortgage loan in advance, the banking entity that financed the operation ceases to receive the remuneration corresponding to the interest on the remaining capital of the loan for the time remaining at the end of the contract. The collection of this commission, which does not apply to all banks, seeks to compensate for this damage to the Bank. Unless a different percentage is agreed with the bank, the amortization fee within the first 5 years of the mortgage is 0.5%. While the commission for amortization after the five years of life of the mortgage is 0.25%. These percentages apply only to mortgage loans contracted as of December 2007.
    • Of risk compensation by interest rate . It is charged as compensation for early cancellation in mortgages at a variable rate with a review period of more than twelve months and for the rest of mortgages when the market interest rate at the time of cancellation is below the interest rate at which it was contracted. your fixed mortgage and, therefore, there is a loss for the entity. Its cost usually ranges from 1% to 5% of the capital pending amortization.

Internet can be a good first step when starting the search for our ideal mortgage. There are numerous banking information websites as well as online mortgage comparators . The specialized publications will also help answer questions and serve as a complement to the websites of the banks themselves.

At BBVA we have mortgages that adapt to you. Discover them now by clicking here.

Phase 2: set goals

With the information in hand comes the time to know what we want to achieve with the negotiation of our mortgage. Knowing what is offered in different banking entities we can set realistic goals that will help us in the face of negotiation.

Maybe we want to get better starting conditions, such as a lower interest rate or, if we already have a mortgage contracted, we may have seen more favorable conditions in another entity and we want to negotiate an update with our bank.

If you are going to negotiate the hiring of a new mortgage you should know:

  • How much funding do you need?
  • What is the amortization period that you want.
  • What kind of interest are you willing to pay?
  • What associated products do you want to hire?

From here you can define your own objectives and sit down to negotiate based on them. It is recommended that the monthly fee we pay for our mortgage does not exceed 35% of our disposable income.

Phase 3: negotiate based on your needs

Most of the conditions that affect our mortgage can be negotiated with our bank to adapt them to our needs. The first one, the differential applied to our interest rate, is one of the most important. Of course, the is beyond our control and will be the permanent question in variable interest mortgages. However, you can try to negotiate the differential since a small modification of this can make a big difference.

Another key point is the amortization time of our mortgage. A longer repayment term implies a lower monthly payment, but in turn increases the total cost of the mortgage loan. On the other hand, the shorter the repayment time, the higher the monthly fee, but the final cost of the loan will be lower.

On the other hand, the different commissions that are usually charged in the mortgage loans can also be negotiated and become part of the conditions that we can improve when signing the mortgage. Interest, amortization term and commissions form a whole in which the client must seek balance with his bank

All about express loans

Today there are countless ways to borrow money.

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Some prefer to go through the bank while others tend to borrow online. Common to all of us, however, is usually that we want the money to go into our accounts as soon as possible. And in that case, in many cases, it may be worthwhile to look for the particular express loans that are known for their extremely short payout times.

There can be many reasons why you are missing money now and here. Perhaps you have found a good offer for new kitchen furniture that you simply cannot refuse. Or maybe it’s in the middle of the Christmas month and you need a little extra to do well with. Either way, the benefits of recording an express loan can be many and we need to take a closer look at them below.

What is an Express Loan?

As the name really suggests, an express loan is a loan that quickly ticks into your account – and the loan therefore often goes under the name of quick loan. However, how fast the money is actually available in your account depends on a variety of factors.

First, it is important to bear in mind that providers may have different processing times. Some loan providers strive to pay out your money the same day, while others may take a few days. Your bank also has a role to play, so be sure to examine this in advance if you need money now and then.

Today, there are virtually only express loans online. This is because the vast majority of banks have to deal with your application for a loan manually and cannot answer you immediately. However, when you use a loan provider online, you can make a credit assessment of your situation and approve the loan using your NemID. It is therefore no wonder that more and more Danes prefer the popular express loans, which are far from being as expensive as they have been.

What can I borrow with an express loan?

Today you will probably find that there are loan providers that offer you quick loans of all sizes. This is a clear advantage as it means more or less everyone can join. Whether you need to borrow 5,000 or DKK 50,000, it is possible via an online provider to find fast and cheap loans today.

There are certain providers that make demands on how much you can borrow as a first-time customer. For example, this may mean that you can only borrow a small loan amount the first time you borrow. On the other hand, when you have repaid the total loan, you can once again take out a loan – and the second time it is usually possible to take up a much larger loan amount if you are considered creditworthy.

What are the requirements for express loans?

When it comes to express loans, it is important to remember that you cannot cut all providers with one and the same comb. Therefore, you may find that different loan companies will in many cases make different demands on you. In any case, however, you can usually be sure that the better a credit rating you have, the more likely you are to be offered a more favorable interest rate.

If you only need to borrow a relatively small loan, the vast majority can, however, be so long that you have control of the economy. Today, there are also more and more providers offering loans for 18-year-olds and loans to persons without fixed income. However, it is usually necessary that you are not registered with the RKI or the Debtor Register, and it can therefore be difficult to find SMS loans rki anywhere and anytime even though there are still more and more providers offering these loans. So be sure to look around well before borrowing.

What does an express loan cost?

Of course, before you borrow money online, you need to know how much it will cost you. Although it is possible to find express loans interest-free, it is not even significant that the loan is free, but it can still significantly reduce overall costs.

Today, however, many fast-loan providers offer you the opportunity to borrow an express loan free of interest, which means you don’t have to pay interest on the loan for a month or two. This can help to make the loan cheaper in the end and give you some financial respite in everyday life, for example, if it is difficult to get things to hang in mid-December.

Some providers offer fixed rates of interest regardless of how your finances and credit ratings look, while others will base their interest rates on your personal situation. This means that the better financially you are, the lower the interest rate you can usually expect to receive. Therefore, always make sure to clear up as much in your finances as possible before you apply.

Record an express loan as a consumer loan

Today, there are also more and more retailers and physical stores that allow you to take out express loans as consumer loans. This means that you will not get a direct amount into your account, but instead can use the loan granted to finance a purchase in a store. In many ways, these types of express loans work as direct

For example, if you are dreaming of a new computer or a few white goods, it may be obvious to take an express loan for the electric giant. It is common for all dealers to easily apply for the loan through their website , and as soon as it is granted, you can start acting loose. Just make sure you thoroughly understand what requirements are made for you before you apply.


Quick loans in the Digital Age

Fast loans nowadays are a service that is changing at a high rate so that it adapts to the trends and dynamics of the market.

Applying to more and more financial firms is entirely online, and the trend for other industry players is in that direction.

Once the application is submitted, the approval arrives within minutes. If the applicant is approved, then a phone call from company employees confirms and refines the details.

The amount is paid only to a bank account and the availability of such is a mandatory condition when applying. The client receives his money immediately and without having to leave his home.


Trends in fast financing

There are very clear trends in the sector, which are growing steadily over the year. This service has come a long way to gaining consumer confidence but, in the end, many companies have managed to achieve it with loyalty and fair attitude to customers. Here are the trends:


1. Increasing consumer awareness

Major companies in the field, such as Cashcredit, are usually leading and defining trends. It is up to them to develop loyalty programs for clients and the tendency to work entirely on the Internet.

The company is among the names in the industry that are most committed to the transmission of information, as it is believed that informed citizens remain more satisfied with the service, as they are more aware of their expectations.

Nowadays, consumers’ awareness is increasing. They know what they are looking for and are becoming more and more properly guided in the situation when applying for funding.

However, there is still some unfamiliarity with the service. Many people are surprised to receive a refusal because they do not know what the requirements are.



2. Personalization is an increasing trend


In the digital age, new technologies offer an ever higher level of personalization. In order to keep consumers in the face of growing competition, companies use an individual approach.

Each candidate is considered separately, its solvency, its ability to service its obligations, its needs and the terms for which it will be able to repay its loan.

According to the client, the loans may vary in size, and according to the consumer’s solvency and the risks of the company, there may also be variations in the interest rate.


3. Automated processes – approval in minutes

Since we live in a digital age, the processes of application and approval are fully online, at least in the majority of cases in our country. This is undoubtedly a great convenience to consumers.

If you fill out a loan application, the answer already arrives within a few minutes. Normally, for 10 to 15 minutes, you will be contacted by a company employee with whom you can specify the parameters of the service you are applying for.

This is an extremely delicate moment as consumers are becoming busy and busy, as a result of which they want to know immediately whether they are approved or seek another solution.

For their part, representatives of the sector are trying to maximize the algorithms in their application systems, so that approval becomes more accurate and free of omissions.


Loyalty program with additional bonuses

Against the backdrop of ever-increasing competition, more and more companies are trying to keep consumers at home, aiming to survive on the market. They are trying to become so attractive that users do not want to change the service they use.

To this end, many large and serious companies are developing special strategies that include lower interest rates, interest-free loans, larger amounts, longer deadlines, personalized plans, and more.


Loan without interest

Interest free loans

Loan without interest at Islamic banks

Muslims are not allowed to pay interest. Interest payments and the acceptance of interest are therefore prohibited “haram”. This is what your beliefs say, and so it is lived in everyday business life. So it has been almost impossible for Muslims, for example, to finance a house in conformity with Islam through a bank. Now, however, loans can be made in accordance with Sharia law .

But how does that work?

For example, the bank buys the house and resells it to the customer at a premium . Now it is a trading business and thus profits may be made. The process is therefore “halal” allowed.

This “Islamic banking” is a form of the real economy. However, without speculation and investment in highly indebted companies. Also investments in “indecent business areas as well as in gun business are” haram “, that is not allowed .

Loan without interest for students

Many students receive BAFÖG and thus an interest-free loan. This is earmarked and serves exclusively the study and the assurance of the cost of living during the study time.

Loan without interest from the public sector

In order to buy an apartment or a house, families often receive an interest-free loan from the municipality. This is intended to promote immigration . The Employment Agency provides interest-free loans when working outside the country so that a necessary move can be financed. Even if the commitment is dependent on a driver’s license, this loan is granted.

In addition, an interest-free loan is granted if important appliances in the household are defective and a new acquisition is inevitable. Unemployed people can receive a limited interest loan from the Employment Agency to start self-employment or start a freelance job.

Loans within the family or among friends

These are subject to private agreements in certain areas. The interest claims belong to it. It can not be required to charge interest from friends or family members. However, all other modalities are to be fixed in writing in accordance with the law. This alone, therefore, to be able to fall back on the mutual agreements in the event of payment difficulties and recoveries. In case of uncertainty so rather turn to a lawyer for contract law.

Interest-free employer loan

However, the granting of an employer loan to the employee can not be linked to an interest claim. the handling is free decision matter of the lender .

5 ways to get loan without interest

Use the loan of the job center

Normally, interest rates have the function of protecting the lender from default and, at the same time, interest is the only way to earn money with the loan. Therefore, it shows that institutions that do not have to operate profitably but fulfill other main purposes can also offer loan without interest.

This includes, for example, the job center, which under certain conditions can issue an interest-free loan. This is the case, for example, when, unexpectedly, the washing machine breaks down or other important household items fail.

The job center then has an interest in helping people. Therefore, loans are provided quickly and easily if the repair, or the new acquisition from its own resources is not affordable. However, this type of loan is not usable for any purpose. The loan is strictly earmarked and can only be used for these urgent repairs, or purchase.

This loan is not only interest-free, but also associated with very low repayment installments. Even rates of a minimum of 10 euros per month can be arranged. This is to help needy people who getSnark to be able to finance this loan.

The public sector awards loans

Not only is the job center interested in helping people in distress or in education. The state also has an interest in people being able to educate themselves with the help of a loan, and with this financial means they can concentrate fully on their studies or their education.

The goal here is the promotion of individuals to enable them to have a better future. In this respect, the state is also trying to obtain “profit” from the loan, but the profit is not compensated with the help of interest, but with future economic performance.

For example, is known as such an interest-free loan. This is awarded to students or trainees who have low income to finance their livelihood. Furthermore, there are other positive terms of this loan. In this way, part of the loan can be waived if the study program or training is particularly successful. This is the case if, for example, the study was completed within the standard period of study, or shorter.

In addition, there are various subsidy projects of the Federal Government within the scope of which an interest-free loan can be taken up, at least for a limited period of time. However, the funds are earmarked and can only be obtained in close coordination with the sponsors.

Use promotions

Actually, it has already been mentioned that an interest-free loan from a private bank can not be possible. After all, the bank itself wants to make money and if no interest is taken, then the bank has only the risk of default, but no way to make a profit.

Therefore, while it may seem a bit insane, but in some cases it makes sense to offer an interest-free loan. Although the bank still makes a short-term loss in these cases, it hopes that this will have other positive effects that can be positive again, at least in the long term.

Thus, interest-free loans can be awarded as part of a promotion, which serve to attract new customers. The goal here is not to only lend the one loan to the customer, but to bind him to the bank in the long term. As a rule, there is no obligation to do so, so that a loan without interest can easily be taken out as part of the promotion. If then the bank continues to be used for further offers, for example the account management, then depends on the satisfaction and the desire of the customer.

However, the promotions are also limited to relatively low amounts. As a rule, up to € 1,000 can be borrowed and are freely available.

loan for financing

However, an interest-free loan can also be useful and helpful for consumer goods. So far, long-term goals have been described, which should be favored by an interest-free loan.

However, if a new car is to be purchased, then in the rarest of cases, the funds are available directly on the account. A regular receipt, through income, however, may mean that consumer loan is by no means risky. Rather, it is already an anticipation of future revenues.

In order to make car buying more attractive, sellers often work with banks that offer financing. As an additional incentive to purchase, financing can be at a zero percent interest rate. This basically has the same effect as giving the seller a small discount, or providing an extra extra. Because often the sellers then simply take over the interest costs, or there are other agreements with the financial institutions.

In any case, so can be used in the purchase of larger consumer goods such a loan. Even the installment purchase without interest rate is basically just a loan, which is granted by the seller. This shows clearly that some companies want to set additional incentives to buy through favorable financing conditions.

Interest-free loan from private

Another way to obtain an interest-free loan is when a loan is taken outside the private-sector banks. For example, a loan may be taken from a family member, or a close friend, or simply borrowed.

Building on a close basis of trust and years of friendship, it may well be possible for the friend to refrain from asking for additional interest. However, borrowing money always means that personal stress can suffer.

As it is already said in a proverb, so it is quite true that when money ends the friendship. Therefore, only amounts should be borrowed from friends who are both well repayable and on the other hand, not too big financial risk.

Then a good friend can also give up interest, if he can help by helping. However, borrowing from strangers should be avoided. These will not offer interest-free loans, but will always expect a return. Even if it is initially said that no interest is required, yet other benefits are expected to be provided.

Therefore, for small amounts that are only intended to help in a short-term emergency situation, family members or close friends should be asked to help them in this situation.

What fees and charges we pay for fast loans

In the realities we live in, one of the most common things we face is the need for cash.

The financial aspect of our everyday life is far from something we can ignore and in any case we need not only knowledge and experience about it, but also know how to be maximally effective for ourselves and for the family. In practice, this means striving to maintain good financial stability for our home and needs.

Taking a quick loan or other type of loan is one of the most common methods for solving economic issues and problems. A large majority of households in the country have already trusted at least once in this system, and the results are then good, especially in the presence of loyal lenders and loan institutions.

The only thing that is often worrying about loan applicants is the extra money that is charged at the time of the refund.

Types of charges and interest we pay when you download a quick loan

  • Standard interest rates;
  • Administrative Fees;
  • Such as an additional service;
  • APR – (Annual Percentage of Expenses);
  • Negligence for non-compliant terms of the contract (if any);
  • Another type of additional payments.

Interest is a given percentage accruing on the amount of the amount granted. Roughly speaking, it is the reward that the client pays to the lender. The calculation is made on a different basis – monthly, annual or daily. All this depends on the very duration of the return of the money.

In practice, this is not money in the wind, but is used by the lender to manage your account and, of course, any future costs or losses on unpaid payments. Interest is something that you must have become familiar with before applying for a loan. It is important to know that after the changes in the laws in recent years, interest on the amount is a small part of its cost.


Administrative payments are inevitable for such financial services. They are not just an amount to cover, but a way to handle loan rating, planning, and prepayment costs. This also includes sums for reviewing documents, borrowing, and managing the loan. Of course, their value differs in each financial institution.


The annual percentage rate of charge (APR) is often confused with interest, but it is not that. It includes it as well as administrative amounts. At the same time, APR is not the final value of the money you have to repay at the end of the period.


Additional service charges are always charged. It is evenly distributed in the installments and you can understand its size even before you enter into a contract with the particular loan company.

Sometimes you can also face various penalties for unsavory clauses. In most cases, it is a failure to comply with the reimbursement deadlines. Their size depends mainly on the amount of the amount received and the duration of the contract. It is common practice to be allocated to the repayment installments of the loan.


There are also other types of penalty charges that may be imposed on past due reimbursement. All this is required to be described in the contract, so there will be no unpleasant surprises in the end.

Early repayment fees are also commonly used in similar financial relationships. Its amount is often fixed and fixed in the “Consumer loan Law”. It depends on the remaining time until the conclusion of the contract.


In any case, it is a good idea to follow the rules of your financial contract. To do this, of course, you will always have to be very familiar with the rules that you have to follow and the rights you have in such situations.


The most important thing is to find an absolutely reliable loan company. We at invest our care and diligence in working at every level to offer exactly the kind of optimal service – one that not only solves your financial problems but also gives you the utmost confidence and peace of mind.


Compensation for the withdrawal of a mortgage loan

Regulations and limits of this type of compensation that can be applied in some mortgage loans.

Withdrawal compensation is an amount that can be charged by banks when a loan is canceled or amortized partially or totally. This compensation is regulated in Law 41/2007 of December 7, which modifies Law 2/1981, of March 25, on the Regulation of the Mortgage Market and other regulations of the mortgage and financial system, allowing financial institutions to receive a Additional money for the corresponding administrative procedures, and as compensation for which they cease to earn ( forgoing profit ), since they will not receive the amortized capital interest. In any case, the following requirements and limits are established:

Mortgage loans signed before December 9, 2007:

Financial institutions may charge up to 1% of the amount amortized or canceled on a mortgage loan at variable interest, when the return is not due to the change of the loan to another entity (mortgage subrogation).

Mortgage loans signed as of December 9, 2007

For individuals with a variable or fixed mortgage on a home, the Law refers to the following conditions:

  • Up to 0.5% of the amortized advance, if repayment is made within the first five years of life of the loan.
  • Up to 0.25% of the amortized advance, if the amortization is made after the first five years of the loan.
  • Entities may offer compensation less than those established by the Law.

Compensation by type of interest

In the mortgage loans the fixed and mixed interest rate the Law establishes the collection of an additional compensation to the one of desistencia. This is the compensation for interest rate risk. Only fixed mortgage loans can be charged for more than 12 months.

The financial institution may freely agree the amount of this compensation. Of course, your collection will only be possible if the cancellation is a loss for the entity, which will normally occur when the market types are, at the time of cancellation, less than what you are paying.

Finally, the entity must determine which of the following 2 modalities is applicable in case of early repayment:

  • A fixed percentage, to apply on the capital pending of amortization.
  • The total or partial loss that the cancellation produces to the entity. In this case, the entity must also pay the client, in the same proportion, the profit that occurs, as the case may be.

Quick Loan Online – What to Worry

Do you need a quick loan and want to find the best conditions that the market offers?

ipad 606764 1920 660x400


Do you really wonder who to trust because you’ve heard countless unfortunate stories about swindlers and other illegal and half-law companies that worry about your customers?

In this article, we will outline some instructions on how to make the most wise choice when you need online loan.


What to look for and what to read

One of the main problems that are a scourge of home lending are people who do not read the general terms. They do not read under which conditions one loan is granted, and thus exacerbate their financial dependence, making a hasty choice.


In this way, not only does it deteriorate its own state, but at a later stage it also affects the whole legal loan market in Bulgaria. In short, consumers are beginning to demonize loan organizations that actually perform a social function, providing extra funding to families in an emergency.


Here are a few quick tips that will ensure your peace of mind:

  • Always, always, always read the terms and, if you do not understand them, ask for clarification, including a suitable example of your case;
  • Check for opinions about the relevant financial organization on the Internet to know not how she sees herself, but how her users evaluate her;
  • Take as much as you can go back;
  • Have plan B to repay your quick loan – everything is happening;
  • Compare the terms of the different loanors to make sure you make the best choice – write your homework;
  • Do not borrow money from lender banks – this is illegal and never leads to anything good for borrowers;
  • Check if the lender is regulated by the BNB through a microfinance license if it is absent – do not take money from these people.

How to prevent fraudsters offering fast loans

There are a few simple rules if you want to protect yourself from financial fraud if you need money on loan.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is not

If everything is too good to be true, then it is very likely that it is a scam. Do not forget that the loanor must win if you do not see how he wins, then you have a cause for concern.

Do not use pawnshops and money-lenders

Have you met a lucky man who took money from a loaner or pawnbroker? We are not. Do not pour water in the organized crime mill and do not fall victim to these financial speculators.

Check the company

Do you know your loanor? Do many people trust him? What are the reviews of his attitude to clients? Answers to these questions will build trust or will refuse to apply for loan from him.