Mortgage-free mortgage

Mortgage-free mortgages barely exist today. Especially not for us who do not have a lot of money left, so to speak. What does amortization mean? So it is that you do not repay the loan. But often you have to pay interest and other costs while not repaying the loan. This means that the loan…


Evaluation and details of a non-bank loan

Applicants for a bank loan must be at least 18 years of age, since they acquire full legal capacity when they are of legal age and can enter into contracts without restrictions, even if they involve high amounts. Non-bank lenders can, however, apply different loan criteria and set their clients’ preferred age. Of course, within…


3 Interesting Mortgage Programs

To facilitate homeownership for newcomers to Canada, CMHC offers the Newcomers Program for holders and non-permanent residents. CMHC will consider other factors that indicate the borrower’s ability to repay debt, including a history with a financial institution, its net worth, and all cash-free assets or investments available to it. Where the permanent resident has a…

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